Robert W. Klamm Passes Away

We are sorry to announce the passing of Robert W. Klamm. He died July 10, 2014 peacefully in his sleep. He was 84 years old and just a wonderful man to know. He will be deeply missed. Please join us in offering our condolences to the Klamm family as well as to all those who Mr. Klamm touched with his magic. Our Independent film production of the movie Fly Like a Bumblebee will move forward in his honor to tell the life story of this exceptional and inspiring man. He was inspired as a young man by a magician well known in that time, Harry Otto, and went on to utilize magic in his life to build his confidence, his ability to communicate with others and his career path. Born with a visual disability, Mr. Klamm struggled to overcome his handicap and emerged as a very accomplished teacher, inventor and writer. He will be remembered.

For more information visit the following link:


Bob Cowboy


This was one of Bob Klamm’s few favorite pictures of his childhood. He was know as “Bobby Bill” throughout much of his life. circa 1939.





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