Magical Holiday

As the Holidays get closer, we are reminded of our Bobby Klamm as a little boy – he discovered magic in Harry Otto’s shop (as illustrated by our cover photo) and was surprised to learn that he had a knack for it. Incredible! Here he was almost blind and he could actually perform magic tricks and delight others with this talent. He desperately wanted a special set of books from Mr. Otto’s shop to study – books written by another famous magician, Harlan Tarbell. How to books. But, they were very expensive, Bobby vowed to have them. To his surprise, he actually received the first one in the set on Christmas Day that year. One of his few good memories with his family was receiving that first book – even though his father still had to try to ruin the moment with his bitterness. His father’s words were: “That magic is pure foolishness. But I guess it’s all you’ve got (because of the blindness). It’s not like you’re going to be a ball player.” But nothing could ruin the pleasure of receiving that first book.



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