The Script is almost done!

Our script re-writes are just about completed! What we have is an incredible and powerful story and an equally powerful script. We are excited to put the finishing touches on it and begin the process of sharing it with talented actors – this is definitely one that an actor can really sink their whole persona into. We look forward to this process and are extremely lucky to have our dedicated team working on it. Image


Introducing our New Production Company Site!

As the pre-production of our movie moves ahead, we invite our fans to visit our new website that is devoted to the Production Company behind our Movie (Lime Light Cinema Group):

Be sure to check out our short Indie film available to watch on the site – “Easy Business,” as well as our documentary on Eminent Domain – “Begging for Billionaires”, an award-winning venture that really educates.


The amazing Bumblebee

The amazing Bumblebee

Scientific evidence states that it is impossible for the bumblebee to fly yet he doesn’t know that and he flies anyway!

An excerpt from the Book “Fly Like a

An excerpt from the Book “Fly Like a Bumblebee” by R.W. Klamm: “No one knew I could hardly see until I was eight years old, not even me! Then my second grade teacher caught me cheating on flash cards. Even eyeglasses, with lenses thick as Coke bottle bottoms, still left me legally blind. Friends ran off and I could not see to follow. My father was chronically angry. Mother turned out not to be the saint I imagined. Only magic and an enduring optimism saved me from a desperately twisted sense of identity and suicide.”

R.W. Klamm was born and raised in Kansas City, Kansas and still resides there today. He reveals in his book the struggles of a himself as a nearly blind young man who finds solace in magic and the power to make himself a success. 

Our movie will show the journey he embarked upon and the magic he found.